David Guy By David Guy
24th November, 2023

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since we first opened the doors of Guy & Co.

October 2013 was filled with nerve-wracking onboarding meetings with our founding clients. We owe a debt of gratitude to Albert Bartlett, Edrington Group and Scottish Fine Soaps. They took a risk on us, and I hope we’ve repaid that debt with dedication and marketing ideas that worked. Those early days were the start of our agency journey, and lead to the bravely effective work we make today.

After surviving the first few years and achieving steady growth, we had a good look at ourselves. We wanted to know what was driving the great bits of work around the agency. Turns out, it was down to our innovative streak and curiosity. We were always hungry to learn what was effective and why. And forever looking for different ideas that could build momentum for our clients.

This came from our experience with innovation system thinking and productive creativity techniques. They lead me to the idea of integrating these systems into all aspects of our work. By 2017, we’d nailed how to be a creative and research agency. It’s been great growing a culture where we have the confidence to challenge anything. And have fun doing it.

Now, in this milestone year, I’m proud to look back at what we’ve accomplished.

We helped Edrington test, and bring to life, innovative new brands across the pond in Rhode Island. We helped to celebrate the fieriest Border Biscuit of them all on TV. We took a deep dive into the secret life of pensions with Royal London. And empowered Smokehead whisky to embody its brilliantly rebellious positioning.

Oh, and we produced Albert Bartlett’s most extraordinary TV campaign yet. Our cinematography needed to live up to our epic idea, so it only seemed right to use the same camera that shot the original Star Wars. Most recently, helping Go Fibre on the way to becoming Scotland’s leading full fibre telecoms network. Bringing Digby, a hardworking minty green hardhat wearing gopher, to life.

Of course, we all did it together. I need to thank our amazing team of strategists, creatives and client services. They share an innovative spirit and love for making challenging work that gets brands bought. A special mention goes to Cat Summers. Since day 1, she has been my right-hand gal and the Yin to my Yang.

Lastly, thank you to our incredible clients. You made it all possible. Each of you put your trust in us to crack marketing challenges year after year.

As we move into our 11th year, we have exciting projects with old and new clients on the horizon. There’s lots of gas in the tank and we’re raring to go.

If you’re scratching your head with an un-figure-out-able challenge, then get in touch at lhutt@guyco.co.uk. See how we can confidently bring brave effectiveness to your brand.