What do you get when you cross a marketing agency with a research agency? You’re looking at it. More than just advertising, we take on marketing challenges right across the board. The more un-figure-out-able the better.


Are you born with confidence? Can you bottle it? Find it down the side of the sofa? For us, confidence comes from testing. It’s only after we’ve weighed up feedback from real people that our work gets let loose into the real world.

We make meaningfully unique work

Our Meaningful Uniqueness (MU) methodology lets us quickly test and develop concepts with real people. MU scores take the subjectivity out of decision-making. And build confidence our creative will do what our clients – and their customers – need it to. (So not just what makes us giggle.)

The Crew to challenge

When the scores are in, we’re set up to move at pace. A tight crew of strategists, creatives and marketers with global research and world-class production skills. Who share an innovative spirit and a love for making bravely effective work. And having loads of fun doing it.

Simply outstanding! Guy & Co have helped create enormous brand success with me for both Tamdhu and Smokehead. They are always highly pro-active, creative, strategic and above all effective. Most importantly they are excellent to work with, very supportive and care deeply about the brands they are involved with.

Iain Weir, Brand Director, Ian MacLeod Distillers

Case studies you say?

See our bravely effective work in action.