Ed Dalgleish By Ed Dalgleish
Planning Director
4th October, 2021

It’s now been 3 months since I joined Guy & Co as Planning Director (if you’re reading this it hopefully means that I passed my probation!).

Working remotely means that I’m still to see any of my new colleagues or clients in 3D which is more than a little weird. I have no idea how tall anyone is…

However, there is one big bonus – everyone you meet has their name written under their face so it’s impossible to have those awkward name forgetting moments.

When the world starts turning again, joining Guy & Co means that I can make the move back to my hometown of Edinburgh after a bit over 11 years in London (That’s long ago enough that the first campaign I worked on involved a fax machine).

I’d always kept an eye on the Scottish marketing ‘scene’ but with 2 young children a new puppy, it needed something really special to inspire the ‘big move’ back up the road. And I think I’ve found it.

I’d been more than a little intrigued I started noticing a new name emerging, one that was clearly doing some smart work and picking up a good few awards too; Guy & Co.

Combining Research and Creative is basically the holy grail of Planning so I jumped at the chance to join the team.

I’m a big fan of smaller independent agencies as the ability to really affect change and make a difference is so much bigger.

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem can start to look like a nail, and when your focus is advertising, its hard to get passed the TVC. But the Guy & Co toolbox genuinely spans the full marketing mix and couldn’t be more diverse.

Many of our solutions are a long way from advertising as we helping our clients with challenges ranging from business purpose to new product development, from content to co-creation and everything in between.

But what I’m most excited about is Innovation.

When I was 5 I wanted to be an inventor. I loved making new things. Creating different ways of doing things. Coming up with new solutions.

Now I’ve joined Guy & Co I feel like I’m living up to 5-year-old me’s ambitions.

We’re currently working on 2 big innovation projects which takes me back to the heart of proper marketing, and the original ‘P’ of the mix – Product.

This, combined with our future success measurement methodology (an innovation in its own right) are some of the most inspiring pieces of agency work I have ever been involved with.

With big ambitions and a growing team, I can’t wait to see where we take go next.

And whilst Covid has meant I couldn’t recreate the classic Tennents ad where the London Yuppy flings his suitcase into a passing rubbish lorry, jumps on the first train to Waverley and heads straight to Café Royal for a cold T, I’ll hopefully be up the road soon and discover the fabled Guy & Co bar for myself.