David Guy By David Guy
16th June, 2023

We’re over the moon and back – not once, not twice, but six times over, thanks to the tremendous recognition at The Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards!

Six award wins are now twinkling proudly in our trophy cabinet, illuminating our commitment to the art of innovative marketing and never turning down a challenge; the more difficult the better.

Astonishingly, four of these are gold – gleaming testaments to our work that not only catches the eye, but also truly delivers. We’ve made a mark in Advertising and Food with Albert Bartlett, as well as Brand Development and Integrated Marketing with GoFibre. You heard it right, not one, but two golden acknowledgements for each!

But we didn’t stop there. A pair of bronze awards joined the constellation, celebrating our efforts in Brand Development for Smokehead and our eye-catching Design Strategy for Dark Art Distillery.

Being recognised for our creativity and effectiveness is immensely rewarding, but the glory is shared. These accolades are the result of the collaborative brilliance of our Guys and our extraordinary clients, working hand in hand to create magic and results that shine.

Furthermore, amidst the sparkling stars were 5 additional nominations, spanning coveted categories like Agency of the Year, Rising Creative Star, Inspirational Agency Leader, and Financial & Professional Services.

Here’s to the hard work, the creativity, the strategy, and, most importantly, the incredible partnerships that make these achievements possible.

The galaxy is vast, and we’re just getting started. Until the next spectacular starry night at The Marketing Society Scotland Star Awards!

Until then, we’ll continue to push boundaries, defy norms and create extraordinary work, together.

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