Summer Campaign

The Challenge

How do you sell the benefits of switching to full fibre broadband to help GoFibre rapidly and radically ramp up their customer base?

The Tension

GoFibre are rapidly digging their way across rural Scotland and Northern England, and have already connected thousands of ‘must have’ homes and businesses. But to increase penetration in serviceable areas we needed to turn our focus to the ‘why bothers’ –  consumers who don’t see a problem with their current connection or understand the benefits of full fibre, so switching provider isn’t currently worth the risk or faff for them.

Our Point of View

In the hyperbole and jargon-filled world of wi-fi, we wanted to stay true to GoFibre’s ‘everyman’ values and show people the real, everyday benefits of switching.

So we took an ‘explain-tainment’ approach – making fun comparisons that help bring to life the USPs of capability, customer service and community. And using localised, seasonal or sponsorship imagery to make each ad as contextualised and compelling as possible.

Compared to other broadband providers, GoFibre is simply…

 Same same but very, very different.


The creative has been rolled out in ultra-localised campaigns across the country – from Montrose to Melrose, and across channels – from OOH to direct mail. It’s helping to sign up thousands of new GoFibre customers and go for big targets.


uplift in web traffic in first week


uplift in lead volume