Smokehead Brand

The Challenge

How do you re-launch a premium whisky with an attitude that attracts new audiences and drives sales?

The Tension

Smokehead has all the serious pedigree of a world-class Islay single malt, but as the rebellious one of the gang we’ve helped them follow their own path and do things differently. We needed to stand for, not just against. Be intelligent and rational. Retain the intrigue and attitude, but with more positive and rebellious meaning.

Our Point of View

Our creative process and audience validation research led us to a new brand platform: ‘Brilliantly Rebellious’. With all the quality of a single malt but an attitude that sets us apart. It launched globally earlier this year with big thought-provoking and disruptive copy lines juxtaposed against high-energy collages of real imagery from real Smokeheads. We’re living and breathing it across a new website, communications toolkit, social, CRM and our new mobile bar – The Smoker Sidebar.

New Smokehead website


Smokehead’s seen a meteoric rise in sales, engagement and loyalists, and is now the UK’s fastest-growing and fifth largest Islay single malt.